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- Quite an easy way to get citizenship: buy real estate and stay in the country for 5 years, or buy real estate in Turkey for an amount above $400,000;
- Simplified visa regime for foreign citizens;
- Convenient air transportation with CIS countries and Europe;
- Quality and fast-paced real estate construction using state-of-the-art technology. Design, architecture, infrastructure;
- Delightful nature and thousands of places for authentic travel, from famous landmarks to localized little-traveled trails;
- For the most part, Turks are hospitable and good-natured people who treat children well;
- Decent level of medicine;
- Even though the price has gone up, the food here is delicious and organic.

A contract of sale between the buyer and seller of real estate. The contract shall be drawn up only in a formal form, otherwise it is invalid.

The contract shall contain the following provisions:

  • information about the buyer and the seller/developer;
    information on the real estate object that is the subject of the agreement;
  • the negotiated price of the property;
  • amount of deposit (deposit), payment terms and payment schedule;
  • obligations of the parties;
  • legal procedures;
  • additional terms of the transaction (services of the developer/seller, terms of delivery of the object).

The real estate sale and purchase contract is prepared only in Turkish, only in cadastral offices, only in a single copy and is not given to the buyer or seller of the real estate.

In order to process a real estate sale and purchase transaction, you need:

  • notarized translation of the passport;
  • 2 photos 3×4 cm,
    A power of attorney, if you will be represented by a trusted person;
  • tax number of the taxpayer (issued by any branch of the tax service or obtained online at the Interactive Tax Service website);
  • opening a bank account (to carry out cadastral value)

Also for foreigners, due diligence is a prerequisite for the purchase of real estate.

No, you don't.

Foreigners without a stable job, looking for an apartment for residence permit and with vague guarantees - definitely not a desirable tenant now in Turkey. Therefore, apartments are rented poorly, with prepayments for six months in advance.

That's why there's a thriving market for workarounds. And I must warn you!

Buy Address Scheme
The "helpers" are apparently signing leases for some of their apartments.
As a result, a bunch of foreigners are registered at the same address. This used to work, because the nüfus registered the foreigners and the geç did not see that there were already foreigners in the apartment. Now the geç registers at the address and sees it. And either discharges the previous ones (i.e. you easily find yourself discharged), or simply denies residence permit.

The same scheme is used to get around the ban on residency in certain neighborhoods. No, you can't do that.

Now you have ICAMET. Remember, ICAMET.
A KIMLIK is technically any identity document. But when it comes to KIMLIK, it means a Turkish citizen. Everyone else has an I-KA-MET (ikamet).

Carry it with you at all times, it's important - that's the law.

And if possible, in which bank, and what package of documents is required to open an account?

The answer is, you can. And it is quite easy to do it. It is enough to apply to the nearest branch of Ziraat bank. And provide the following documents:

  • tax number
  • passport

You can ask for 3 types of accounts: lira, dollar, euro account.

And ask for a HESAP CÜZDANI for each account, like our savings books.
It will be useful for logging into the mobile application, as the first 8 digits in the section "hesap No" will be your login to the mobile application, by which you can monitor the movements on the account, and make various banking transactions.

It is IMPORTANT to register with the bank the phone number that will be active at the time of account opening and also if you will be out of Turkey.
That is, roaming must be enabled.

If you do not plan to leave Turkey for a long time, of course it is better to buy a local Turkish number and link it to your bank account.

If you need a bank card, ask for one. They will give it to you right away. You can activate it via the mobile app.

Don't forget to ask to be sent the primary password to log into the banking app.

You can immediately deposit money into your account and set up auto-payment for electricity, water, gas, internet, etc. For this purpose you can provide invoices or contracts with the energy company, water and gas companies, etc.
We open an account for our customers as soon as they arrive.

MIR cards are accepted in two banks in Turkey:

  • At Ziraat bankası (no fee)
  • And İş bankası (apparently without commission)

About Vakıfbank. When I wrote the previous post about banks, where I mentioned them, there was a note that the information was from a press release and I did not check it. I checked several of their ATMs today - none of them gave me any money from my MIR card. Although they have the MIR sticker 🤪

You can take it off:

  • Liras from the lira account
  • Liras from a ruble account (conversion via dollar and the next day the correction arrives. The exchange rate is very bad :()

If you have a Tinkoff card, the minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to 3000₽ from a ruble account and 300 lira from a lira account - if the amount is less, Tinkoff itself will charge you an additional fee

1. Open e-devlet
2. Login (if you don't have a password, how to get one - instructions here)
3. Enter Goc in the search (or Göç)
4. Click on "Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı/İkamet İzni Kişisel Bilgi Sorgulama Sonuçları" (first in the output)

Or we could just go to this one ссылке

You will immediately see both the dates of the ikamet and the status.

P.S. There are some people who don't have this section loaded at all. I don't know why. Try using different browsers

Yes, they do, and it's a very simple procedure.

You choose a project where the developer will give you an installment plan. Once you have chosen a project, we meet with the developer and draw up a three-party contract: between you, the developer and us. The contract is drawn up in Russian and Turkish. Then we discuss payments that are comfortable for you, and everything is ready.

No, impossible, because no landlord is going to wait a year for you to pay him in installments. Because he probably wants to buy his own apartment just as much as you do.

Yes, you can. Everything happens the same way as in the paragraph "Registration of installments", we send you the contract in electronic form, you sign it and send it to us in a scan version, then we also print it out, sign it and send it to you again

Each developer puts its own conditions for installments, but in most cases the initial payment is 40-50%

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