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5 Facts When Choosing a Realtor


Choosing a realtor is an important step when buying real estate. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a list of 5 facts you should pay attention to when choosing a realtor.

1. The license of the real estate agency is the most important factor. Make sure that the agency you choose has a valid license, as a huge number of agencies operate without one. We are proud of our license you can see our license in the about section.

2. It is important that the prices for construction projects are the same with the developer and do not include additional commissions. These commissions must be paid by the developer. We guarantee transparency in financial matters and no hidden fees.

3. The realtor should be prepared to provide you with all the necessary documents for the property being sold. If the agency refuses to provide documentation, it may be a sign of bad faith. We are ready to provide you with full information about each property.

4. It is important that all payments for construction projects go through the legal account of the construction company. The real estate agency should not accept money into its accounts. The only exception - a deposit of up to 1000$ or 1000€, which should be made in the name of the director of the agency in no case not in the name of the manager who today works there and tomorrow is not. We strive for transparency and security in all financial transactions.

5. Our main goal is not just to sell you a property, but to help you buy a liquid property. We are focused on finding the best options for you and are ready to offer only quality properties.

Choosing a realtor is a responsible step that can affect your future housing. We guarantee a professional approach, transparency and reliability in all aspects of the transaction. Pay attention to these 5 facts when choosing a realtor and don't forget that we are always ready to help you with the purchase of liquid real estate.
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