Basic questions about residence permits


Ikamet is a residence permit in Turkey and is issued to Russians for a period of six months, 1 or 2 years. Ikamet (IKAMET) is made either by themselves or through intermediaries. At the interview, which in Turkey is called a rendezvous, they take a package of documents.

Ikamet can be issued in a few months. All documents can be collected in 1 day. The application is made online and the date of the interview is automatically set.

Before applying for a residence permit (ikamet) in Mersin, it is necessary to rent or purchase real estate in an area "open" to foreigners.


The following packet of documents is required:

⚠ Before leaving the Russian Federation!

✅ Apostille for all certificates (marriage, birth of children, divorce (if husband's surname is retained) ⚠️

✅Purchase a Turkish SIM card already on the spot in Turkey. Phone number is required to apply.

✅Translate all certificates (birth, marriage, divorce) + Notarize + Copies.


✅ Foreign passport


+ copies along with border crossing stamps.


📌 As well as copies of this document.

✅1 year rental agreement or Tapu


📌The rental agreement must be notarized, and the owner must be present. This point should be discussed when renting accommodation. Tourist residence permit for rent is granted only for Ukrainian citizens.


⚠️A copy of the rental agreement is required separately for each person

✅It is necessary to take copies of Kimlik (identity card) and Tapu (ownership document) from the owner of the apartment.


✅Insurance (Sigorta in Turkish) is taken out already in Mersin.


✅Proof of solvency - bank statement at the rate of $50 per day per person during the requested visa period.


✅4 photos (usually photo ateliers know which photo you need for ikamet).


✅Turkish tax number (can be obtained easily on the website).


✅Filled out questionnaire from the website. ⚠️Образец of the application form must be printed out. You cannot submit the application form without a contract, INN, phone number and insurance.


✅Receipt for payment of state duty


📌You will receive a receipt for payment of the fee at the rendezvous. You can pay on the spot, on the day of the rendezvous at the migration service.


What documents do divorced parents need?

Two permits are required: 1) permission from the other parent to allow the minor child to reside in Turkey accompanied by the other parent and obtain residence permit and citizenship.

2) For children receiving education in Turkey, a permit for this education is required.

Both of these permits are apostilled and translated in Turkey.

How much does it cost to apply for a residence permit?


In 2022, the card fee is set at 160tl + an amount that depends on the desired duration of residence permit and citizenship.


📌For Russians this amount was 444 liras. Total 444+160 =604 liras.


Important information:


✅Apostille must be done in advance before leaving your country.


✅Translations of documents should be done only in Turkey!


✅After filing, you will have 30 days to submit any missing documents.


✅The application form can only be filled out if you have already entered Turkey. Otherwise there will be an error on the passport number


✅The date and time of your visit to Göç (migration office) will be assigned to you when you fill in the application form. Usually in 2-3 weeks they will set a rendezvous date and you will have time to make copies and prepare all the documents.


The wait varies from region to region.


✅From the moment you submit your application - you are in the country legally, even though your visa-free days may have ended.


✅You should reside at the address indicated on the residence permit application form. If you change your address, you must notify the Geç within 20 days.


✅Copies of all documents are required, one copy for each person.


✅Your passport must be valid for at least the entire duration of your residence permit + 2 months. Check the expiration date of your passport.


What do I need to do after filling out the questionnaire?


Wait for the interview, come to the Migration Office (Göç) on the appointed day, about an hour before the rendezvous. Get a voucher for the queue.


To make it easier to communicate with employees in English, take an interpreter or assistant if necessary.


At the rendezvous, they may ask why you are getting a residence permit in Turkey and what your monthly income is.


They may not ask questions, just ask you anything you want on the information in your application form (income, education, job).


As soon as the residence permit card is ready, a message is sent to the number. You can also check the application on the website of the Migration Service.


The answer comes within 1 to 3 months, depending on the region.

 The ikamet card will either be delivered to your home or you can pick it up at the nearest PTT (Turkish Post) office.

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