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Attention #ACTION: Buy from 3 apartments and get a discount of 3000 €!


Hi! We have a great promotion for those who want to buy two apartments from the following projects: Brilliant, Center, Flora, Lemon, Miami, Ekinova, Baraj Konutları, Eagle Terrace, Evim, Rio and Silver. If you buy two apartments you will get a discount of 3000 €!

We also have a special offer: the down payment is only 40% of the cost of apartments, and the remaining amount you can installments for 18 months!

Let's look at an example. Suppose you want to buy apartments in the RIO and Center projects. The price of an apartment in RIO is 92,000 € and in Center - 35,600 €. With a discount of 3,000 €, the total cost would be 89,000 €.

You can make a down payment of 35,600 € and the remaining 53,400 € in installments of 24 months. Thus, you can own two apartments for only 2,966 € per month!

If you prefer a different payment method, we offer a "balloon" option. With this option, you make a down payment of 35,600 € and install the remaining amount over 18 months. Thus, the monthly payment will be only 1,928 €!

Do not miss the opportunity to own two apartments at favorable conditions! Prices for the projects are 39 000 € and 53 000 €.

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