What is Iskan?


ISKAN - the act of commissioning of the building

The next important document when registering real estate in Turkey is a skan. It is a technical passport of the real estate, the act of commissioning and permission to use the object itself or its independent part.


ISCAN confirms that the property complies with all building codes and the municipality has accepted the property for occupancy.

There are two varieties of Iskan: Genel Iskan (Genel Iskan) and Ferdi Iskan (Ferdi Iskan).


Genelskan is issued for the entire residential complex at once, it is a general technical passport. The developer must receive it when the project is commissioned.

The municipality where the property is located issues both of these documents.


Can a house be demolished without an Iskan?

A house may be demolished solely due to the absence of a Ypi Ruhsat document confirming the building permit for the property. The document must not have any changes and must correspond to the data before submission to the City Hall. The document is valid for a period of 5 years, during which the object must be built. Otherwise, it will be necessary to make a project and obtain a new permit. In case of changes in the project there may be problems with obtaining a permit.

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