What is Numaratage?


Numarataj is an official document with information about the type and detailed address of the property where you reside in Turkey. The certificate confirms the existence of the property at the given address and its suitability for residence. Numarataj is a must-have, unlike a skan, and can be obtained from the district administration of your place of residence.

What is the purpose of getting numbered?

Numaratazh from 2022 is mandatory for submission to the Migration Service and without it the documents for residence permit will not be accepted. If the documents for residence permit are applied for with a spouse, both spouses must be entered in this certificate upon receipt.

In order to obtain the document, you must have:

  • Tapu (if you own the property) or rental agreement
  • Identity document (passport or Ikamet)
  • if you have lived in the apartment for one of the previous months. If you have just moved in, you must have the documents for re-registration of water and electricity meters in your name. You do not have to pay for the certificate, it is issued at the time of application.


What is Aydat?

In Mersin, foreigners encounter the term "aydat" for the first time.

It is a monthly payment from each owner for the maintenance of your apartment complex or house. It should be explained what the aydat is paid for, how are these payments spent and how is it done in Turkey?

The fees go towards maintaining the pool and taking care of the grounds.

The amount of payment directly depends on the size of the residential complex and the presence of a swimming pool (aquapark, hammam, gym, bowling alley, cinema in new houses). The price varies from zero (in the old sector), to 100 euros per month. The average price ranges from 300 to 500 liras per month.

What does aydat consist of?

The amount includes payment to staff. This can be one employee or more than one.

Kapyjee is a house manager who comes around the clock to help residents with minor household issues. These are issues such as calling a plumber, garbage collection, elevator serviceability and cleanliness in the entrance.

You also have to pay for infrastructure (water, heat and electricity on the territory). The amount of payment depends on the availability of lighting sources of different levels, cleaning costs, garbage disposal, elevator maintenance.

Aydat is paid by all apartment owners in the housing estate, regardless of where they live.

LC Governance Process.

Residents' meetings are held throughout the building and all issues are decided by voting. In the first quarter, the management reports on the investment of the amount received from the service fees. At the end, a protocol is signed. In this way, every resident participates in the life of the residential complex.


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