We are often asked what is a Tapu (TAPU)?


This is an official document that confirms that you are the owner of a specified property in Turkey. The document contains the following information about the owner: name and surname, photo (optional) and all information about the property.

Documents for the purchase of real estate in the Republic of Turkey must necessarily be approved by the Cadastral Office, a government organization that ensures their legality and veracity.

Every citizen who has a real estate title deed in Turkey is the owner not only of the structure (built or under construction), but also of the land on which it is built. The title of ownership means the right to possess the object forever, which, once legally entered into force, can not be challenged by anyone and never.

Please note! The TAPU document is written in Turkish, so a citizen of another country needs to have a sworn interpreter present. The document signed by an official interpreter confirms the legality of the transaction.

The property owner's data is entered into the cadastral book by a representative of the cadastral committee, after which the owner receives an official paper on the state form.

The entire procedure for obtaining an official title deed takes place at the Cadastral Office where the property is located. After receiving the TAPU, the buyer becomes the legal owner of the housing. Any other real estate ownership document is not legal.

Most often, real estate buyers are interested in the following questions: "How to get in touch with the Cadastral Office in Turkey?", "What documents do foreigners need to apply for TAPU?". "How long does it take to process a TAPU" and a number of others. We will answer the most common questions.


Foreign nationals are required to have the following documents in order to apply for TAPU:


  • TIN - issued by the tax office, Vergi Dayresi;


  • original passport and translation (notarized);


  • 2 photos.


In order to use water or electricity, you have to go to the municipality (Belediye), where a technical passport (Ferdi Iskan) will be issued on the basis of the title deed.


Under what conditions is it possible to obtain a certificate of ownership: TAPU (Turkey)?


The formalization of real estate ownership in Turkey is quite clear. But without knowledge of the language there is a probability of not quite correctly understand the legislation of another country. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust the preparation of official papers either to a legal person or an employee of a real estate agency. Remember that the buyer must personally receive the TAPU in the Cadastral Office. The future owner of real estate must thoroughly study the sample TAPU and check it for the correctness of all data and the absence of errors. Only after a thorough check should the buyer sign the cadastral book.


About the price of TAPU in Turkey.


When registering the right of ownership of real estate in Turkey, the buyer must pay the state duty, and mandatory appraisal of the property. According to the law, the official price of TAPU in Turkey is 4% of the real cadastral value.



How many people can be entitled to a property in one tapu?


Up to ten people can purchase one property. In the Republic of Turkey, the cadastral certificate for land or real estate may include several owners with different shares. It is only possible to dispose of one's property with the permission of the co-owners listed in the register.


If one spouse is not listed on the TAPA, is he/she entitled to the property?


It is not necessary to have the consent of the wife or husband when purchasing and registering real estate or land. However, a spouse who is not registered in the TAPU has equal rights if they are already married at the time of purchase.

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